Cindy Bowie
35 Minutes

Learn how to crochet up a Gingham blanket in this class, and you might not want to crochet anything else for a long time. This timeless look is easy to achieve when you learn how to easily change between colors and weave in ends, as taught by Cindy Bowie.

What You Get

1 streaming video tutorial - access  anytime Class materials and tools
 Answer to student questions from instructor Printable patterns, FAQs and supply list
Inspiration for other projects using this stitch

Class Description

Gingham was first a Malayan word meaning striped - we borrowed it, and now we have the Gingham pattern we use today. See - learning things is fun. So now you’ve got a taste of how much fun you’ll have when you learn how to crochet this gorgeous Gingham blanket. Because of the contrasting and main colors, you’ll be doing a lot of color switches. Cindy Bowie shows you how to make it easy and fun, and just how to work with the waffle stitch to result in that classic striped Gingham pattern. Once you master the waffle stitch, you can keep using it again and again. Gingham goes with just about anything. We’d use this blanket at an outdoor barbecue or picnic, to decorate a bedspread, or throw over a chair.

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Cindy Bowie

Cindy is a crocheter and proud mother of four amazing grown children, and the grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren. Born and raised in a quaint little town in Southern California, she grew up watching her grandmother crochet, which is where she was inspired to learn more and develop her skills. Today, she continues to challenge herself with this amazing art form which she views as both a therapy and a form of creative expression.