What You'll Get & Will Learn

✔ Unlimited access to the How To Read A Crochet Pattern video workshop

✓ How to understand basic pattern reading, abbreviations & symbols

✓ Where and which stitch to insert your hook (especially at the start or end of the row) without messing up your stitch count.

✓ What it REALLY means when you see a * and () in a pattern

✓ How to translate between uk/us terminology

✓ Why crochet charts are the PERFECT tool for you if you’re a visual learner. They will make your life easier. Once you know how to read a crochet chart, you’ll be able to pick up crochet books in other languages. Yes, even Japanese, because charts are the common language of crochet.

Just wanted to say that you ladies are awesome. Even though the challenge is over I hope y'all will stay in touch. This is the most positive group ever. Love it.

Darla Litton

Maker U Community Member

I want to give a big thanks to Brittany Tatiana Lynch for creating this challenge and continuing it! I have been looking forward to these challenges and get really excited when it's time to start! I learned all new stitches and am very proud of figuring them out! And thank you for everyone's positivity! It's so important to build each other up, not down, and this group truly does that!

Christie Heath

Maker U Community Member

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