Sophie Calver

Sophie Calver

Sophie Calver is the Lead Knitwear Designer and Stylist at Ideal Me, creating all design
content across our blogs/classes, including setting the color and trend visions for each
individual blog with their own color palettes, brand identity and focused yarn groups.
Originally from Oxford, England and now based in Auckland, New Zealand, Sophie graduated
from Nottingham Trent University, with a 1st class degree in Fashion Knitwear Design and
Knitted Textiles. During her time at university, Sophie established her talent by winning
various brand competitions and projects, which saw her win an internship in New York and
having designs made for a major UK department store.
Sophie showcased her final Knitwear collection at her end of year show which then was
selected to be shown on the catwalk at Graduate Fashion week in London, where her
collection demonstrated her hand knit skills and wanting to bring back this amazing craft to
the younger demographic.
Since Graduating Sophie has gained valuable Industry experience designing Knitwear for
commercial/ high-end fashion brands both in the London, New York, and New Zealand. These
experiences have led her to design for Ideal Me, where she is able to design go back to her
passion of designing hand knit and crochet designs.
Sophie was brought up surrounded by the women in her family teaching her to hand knit and
crochet as a child, which sprung on this passion and talent for knitwear. Sophie is often
seen with a crochet hook or needle in hand experimenting with new stitches and
yarns, and with this real passion to keep this artisan craft alive, and to teach and share her
experiences of how versatile and classic hand knit and crochet designs can be.